Need a LAX Stick?

Looking for a starter stick? Get a great complete stick for $45.

Contact Coach Jack Visco at

Equipment Rental

Bainbridge Lacrosse provides loaner equipment. Priority is given to grades 3 - 6. A deposit check of $150 is required for a complete set of gear. Checks are only cashed if gear is not returned.

Rental equipment days will be scheduled just prior to the first practice. Coaches will fit gear to each player.

What equipment do players need?
Players must bring a lacrosse stick, helmet, chest protector, elbow pads and gloves. A mouth guard, athletic cup and cleats are also required (baseball cleats are not permitted). Players will need to purchase their own stick. Some limited rentals are available with priority given to grades 3 - 6.
Gear is available at Big 5 Sports, Break Away Sports, Sport Haus and online at: