College Recruiting 101

College recruiting can be a mysterious process. LAXPOWER does a great job of walking parents and players through the college recruiting basics. The link below gets you to the article.

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Thank you for your interest in Boys Lacrosse. We have created some information sheets which contain Frequently Asked Questions. Visit our FAQ Page.

Lacrosse News & Events

5/6 Bainbridge Blue

5/6 Bainbridge White

7/8 Team Supporting 5/6 Team

2019 Senior Players

Senior Night 2019


Join us for our Annual Meeting on 9/19 at 6pm in the Woodward Middle School Library

Registration for Spring 2020 is coming soon!

Join the newest travel team in the Olympic Peninsula!

Articles about youth sports:

Parental Involvement in Youth Sports

What to do about that awful parent at the game

"SAGO is a greeting used to offer out the best parts of ourselves , to introduce oneself in a genuine way, from the heart - I am glad to see you well. We begin to establish a friendship, a bond, now we are ready to play the medicine game giving true power to the stick, always thankful that it has brought us together."

Dave Waterman, Oneida Nation- Haudenosaunee

Learn more about the history of lacrosse and the spirit of the game...the story of lacrosse.

Are you out there practicing on the wall? Here are some drills for Wall Ball Wednesday!

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