Remembering Coach
Glen Fitch

The players of today and yesterday, families, coaches and the entire community of Bainbridge Boys Lacrosse were incredibly saddened to lose coach Glen Michael Fitch, who passed away on Sunday, January 26th 2014 in Seattle, Washington.

Glen was such a dynamic and incredibly loving husband, father, uncle, brother and grand-father who truly embraced life with a sincere, positive, robust personality and sense of humor. He had the unique ability to impact the lives of most everyone he knew and will be missed greatly.

Glen led his life meeting challenges head on, and allowed nothing to stand in his way. Whether it was in his job as Factory Manager for Northern Lights, being a great role model to his children and grandchildren, or on the Lacrosse and Football fields with the team, Glen shared his love for life.

You can read more about Glen here.

We have created a helmet sticker in his honor, "Gotta Be Blue!"